Guided weekend adventures


What we do

These weekends are aimed an anyone who might just want to break away for a couple of days. We will be waiting for you at your campsite, your tent and sleeping mats/bags will be ready for you. We can help with advice regarding local eating options and will do everything we can to ensure that your first night with us is as relaxing as possible. 

Saturday and Sunday will reflect what you have asked us to provide for you. It may be a climb to the summit of one of the country's highest mountains, it may be a trek across the hills to some hidden gem of a valley, or it could be an overnight wild camp beside a truly unspoilt lake or mountain stream.

How it works

Having made the decision to spend a weekend with us we will discuss with you exactly what you want from us. We will then fully plan your weekend for you and deliver to you a full itinerary well in advance of your visit.

What you need

We will provide everything other than what you wear and what you eat. You MUST have a waterproof jacket and trousers. Robust walking boots/shoes, hat, snood, gloves for cooler moths. Sunhat, sunglasses, sun cream for the warmer months.

Can we bring our kids

Of course you can. We will discuss with you in considerable detail, the challenges of the weekend and to what extent in our opinion, your children could be able to participate. We will only permit children to attend in an extended group if the whole group are known to each other i.e  families or groups of friends.

When can we go?

Essentially any time from Easter until Autumn half term. Taking clients into mountainous areas during the winter is an exciting option but you would need some very technical and potentially expensive clothing to ensure your safety and comfort. Whilst none of our activities are 'weather assured', there is a far higher likelihood of events being substantially disrupted by the weather over the winter however if you would still like to visit the mountains during the winter give us a call.