The Duke of Edinburgh's Award


Expedition training:

At the expedition team we firmly believe that wherever possible expedition related training should be immersive, experiential and a huge amount of fun. Supported by experienced outdoor leaders, our training will ensure that every participant has the self belief to successfully complete their qualifying expedition, whatever the level. Some elements of the programme are best suited to the classroom– First Aid, Countryside Code, Menu Planning, Route Planning and a few points on personal hygiene but the bulk of the ‘syllabus’ will be taught in the open air.


Practice Expeditions:

Our Silver and Gold practice expeditions will as far as is reasonably practicable, replicate the qualifying expeditions. They will not take place in the same regions as the qualifiers but will take place on similar terrain. Silver practice expeditions will take place over two days with one overnight camp. Our Gold practice expedition will take place over three days with two overnight camps. The focus for our practice expeditions will be the development of resilience, independence, leadership and the organisational skills that will underpin a successful qualifying expedition. 


Qualifying Expeditions:

Bronze qualifying expeditions will take place over two days with an overnight camp, and will usually take place in the Chiltern Hills or at a venue local to the licensed organisation and familiar to the participants. The expeditions will ideally take place be at least two weeks after the practice expeditions.

Silver qualifying expeditions will take place either in the New Forest or the Purbecks and again will ideally take place at least two weeks after the practice expedition. The silver qualifying expedition will take place over three days with two nights on a campsite.

Gold qualifying expeditions will take place either in Snowdonia or the Brecon Beacons. The expeditions will take place over four days with three nights camping. We will spend one day acclimatising in the vicinity before the expedition commences, allowing students to revise their navigations skills and develop some familiarity with the terrain.


Regardless of the level, all our D of E expeditions are charged at a cost of £40 per person per day. We do not aim to make any profit from our D of E work and all payments made are passed on as payments to our leaders, used to fund replacement kit, used to develop  our leaders through investment in training and CPD and any remaining  cash is set aside to be used to fund young people through the award who may be have financial or other challenges.

Bronze - Two days training/practice expedition.

Two day assessed/qualifying expedition.


Silver - Two days training/practice expedition.

Three day assessed/qualifying expedition.


Gold - One day training/route planning. Three days training/practice expedition.

Five days assessed/qualifying expedition.