School trip options


Y9 - Y11 Field trips

Our field trips are fully supported by a combination of mountain leaders and experienced Geography graduates. Our knowledge and understanding of local areas allows us to identify the area most suited to your field study and our ability to offer wild camp options  will enable students to get the most out of their time away from the classroom.

Adventure Breaks

We will take groups of your students away to more challenging mountainous areas of England and Wales and work with them to develop their leadership and communication skills. The itinerary is entirely in your hands. Each trip will be developed and agreed by you well in advance. Locations and activities will be driven by the potential abilities of your students. We are very happy to work with staff from SEN teams to develop specific itineraries that provde the best fit for their students.

What kit do we need

We will provide all of your camping equipment and will provide you with a kit list of personal clothing and items that we suggest you bring with you. All we ask is that you take care of our equipment and return it to us clean, dry and in the same condition it was in when we handed it over to you.

How many students can you accommodate

We are very sensitive at The Expedition Team, to any ecological footprint arising from our activities. We would work in one location with a maximum of twenty students. Additional groups of students would be spread across similar areas within the same locality  in agreement with school staff.

What will it cost

£40 per person per day. This includes all camping equipment, leading and supervising to and from any field study area and supervision whilst in the field study area. 

The fee DOES NOT include transport to or from the location, food or campsite charges.